Do you believe that all life is precious, from conception to natural death?

Are you feeling called to defend the lives of the unborn and those who are vulnerable?

Do you enjoy serving those in need?

Want to help build a culture that values life in your school and community?

Then join us for the Defenders of Life youth leadership camp!

This 3-day experience with be packed with fun, food & friendship while we equip and empower you to defend life through interactive presentations and discussions, service and prayer. Hear from our amazing seminarians, people who have experienced the tough life issues first hand, and those who have dedicated their lives to serving those in need. Leave with greater confidence to share the beauty of the Gospel of Life and a plan of how to share it in fun and engaging ways through your school or youth group next school year.  Intended for youth grades 9 – 12.

Life Will Be Victorious!

June 24 – 26 10 am- 5 pm*

Church of the Nativity

Youth Room -Entrance just west of school gym entrance

3800 W 119th St, Leawood KS


*times are subject to change

There will be a registration fee of $50 which will help cover snacks, transportation costs, and materials. 
Upon completion of the online registration form, payment can be made by clicking the button below.

Please let us know if the fee is prohibitive – we have scholarships available (email Melissa at

This is a TENTATIVE schedule.

For details about the schedule and/or material that will be presented at the three day camp, please click the button below.
[NOTE:  we are finalizing the schedule, will be shareable soon!]

Day 1 Topic: Protecting Life at Conception and Serving Mothers in Need

Morning Session: What is the Gospel of Life? How is pro-life pro-science? What is abortion and how does it harm women?

Afternoon Session: Serve at a local Maternity Home

Evening Session: Witness talks. How to dialogue instead of debate? Adoration

Day 2 Topic: Protecting lives that are vulnerable – Special Needs & Kids in Foster Care

Morning Session: Protecting lives that are vulnerable; Special Needs Ministry; Why is Foster Care pro-life work?

Afternoon Session: Picnic & park visit to serve families and their children with special needs

Closing Session: Group reflection; Gender confusion; Pro-Life Rosary

Day 3 Topic:  Protecting lives at the end of life.

Morning session: What are Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide? What is compassionate care? How does the Church serve the sick and elderly?

Afternoon Session: Serve at a senior living residential home

Closing Session:  Pro-Life Clubs in the upcoming school year; Closing Mass