2023 Forms

Individual Youth Camp Forms

Download and Print camp forms below and bring to camp with you! Do not mail forms.

Each camper must register online with payment to secure a spot in camp and should have the following three forms with them to turn in at check-in on opening day of camp, as well as a copy of their insurance card. Do not use forms to register for camp. All Registration is done online.

Camper Information Activity Release and Waiver (2 pages)

Signed by parent, should be brought to camp with you and turned in at the check-in desk.

Camper Health Information (3 pages)

Signed by a doctor and parent, should also be brought to camp with you and turned in at check-in. (See Update 5/27/22. A physical not more than 12 months 24 months old will also be accepted in place of doctor signature; however, the remainder of the form must be filled out and signed by a parent.) (Previously Health Exam Waiver). Please note, the ACA requires us to have signed health information on file for each camper.

To authorize your camper to be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, you will fill out a form with person’s name and your signature at check-in. If you will not be at check in, please send a signed note with person’s name authorized to pick up your camper and have your camper turn in at check in. In case of an emergency, please call the camp at 785-746-5693.

Medication Information/Over the Counter Medication Form (2 pages) If your camper has medication, their medication should be kept in the original container and placed in a Ziplock bag.  Then, label the Ziplock bag with your camper’s first and last name.  Please complete this form and bring it to check in with their medication.

This form is for the camp nurse and is signed by a parent. The front page is for medications brought to camp for your camper and the back page is questions regarding over the counter medication and your camper. All campers must turn in this form to the nurse at check-in. A copy of the primary health insurance card should be submitted with forms. PLEASE COPY the front and back of the card TO TURN IN AT CHECK-IN ON OPENING DAY! We cannot make copies of all camper’s insurance cards during check-in. 

Your camper will need all forms and insurance card to check in on opening day at camp.

Click Here to download Family Camp forms to be brought to camp.

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