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Parishes Living the Joy of the Gospel

Parish life is integral to the development of every practicing Catholic. It is the primary place where faith communities grow together as the body of Christ, experience the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, educate children in the Catholic tradition and live out our great commission to spread Christ’s teachings to all the nations of the world. One Faith, One Family, One Future in Christ will enhance the quality of parish life throughout our Archdiocese.

  •  A minimum of 25% of the campaign funds raised by each parish will be allocated to that parish community. These funds will help parishes and parish schools prepare for the future by addressing local needs and opportunities.
  • There are financially challenged parishes across the Archdiocese that, through parish mergers or major demographic shifts, now bear the burden of facilities requiring repair, refurbishment, repurposing or demolition. A total of $5 million in campaign funds will be allocated to grants for these struggling parishes.
  • A total of $1 million in campaign funding will be allocated to assist parishes in forming disciples of Jesus Christ. Resources will provide parish leaders with access to opportunities to renew their own faith, as well as provide them with tools to better communicate with their fellow parishioners the pursuit of a culture of evangelization in our Archdiocese.

By the Numbers:

  • Approximately 16% of the total population in our 21 counties is Catholic.
  • Studies estimate that only 23% of U.S. Catholics attend Mass each week1 and less than 7% of parishioners contribute 80% of the volunteer hours and financial commitments to the parish.2 Imagine how much more we could accomplish with a greater number of engaged Catholic families!

1Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA).
2Dynamic Catholic Institute.

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