ArchKCK Youth Ministry

Leading the young Church of Kansas Closer to Christ.

Empowering youth through faith, service, and community.

We empower youth ministers and workers to lead with purpose, providing archdiocesan-wide events, training, and support.

Youth Events

Summer Camps & Programs

We offer dynamic summer camps and programs that provide enriching experiences for youth to grow in their faith and build lasting friendships.

Conferences & Retreats

We host impactful conferences and retreats designed to rejuvenate youth ministers and deepen the spiritual lives of young people.


Professional Resources for Youth Ministers & DRE's

We support youth ministers with comprehensive training, resources, and community-building opportunities to enhance their leadership and effectiveness.

Ministry Resources for Youth Ministers & DRE's

We provide priests with tailored support, and resources to empower them in their vital role of guiding and nurturing the spiritual growth of youth within their parishes and beyond.

Youth Leader Webinars

Learn practical techniques for managing stress, setting healthy boundaries, and ensuring you remain energized and effective in your role. Prioritize your self-care to better serve your ministry and community!

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ArchKCK Youth Office

12615 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, Kansas 66109
(913) 721-1570

Youth Events

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