Planning your giving, will make your gift more intentional, and that is pleasing to God. You will be discerning God’s will for your giving when you think about and reflect on your ability to give to the Church, or your parish, and increase your desire to do so.

There are gift planning solutions that can maximize your financial resources to save you taxes, today, by giving, like opening a Donor Advised Fund. For estate planning, there are strategies that will allow the money that is left in your estate to be used at its full value, like giving what is left of an IRA to charity rather than to an individual person. You worked hard for your money, you can make plans for it to be used at full value.

We all want to make a difference and an impact for the causes we care about, but are unsure that we have the ability, or whether we should hang onto our money and property for future rewards, or a “rainy day.” The Office of Stewardship and Development and the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas (CFNEK) offer resources through the website, and that can help one to understand the practical and spiritual means to giving.

Visiting these websites, you will find helpful videos and can read examples of how others have used planned giving strategies to save taxes. Visit the “GiftLaw” library, and view illustrations or request more information from the stewardship and CFNEK staff.

Thank you for your consideration in exploring the opportunity gift planning gives you to become more astute at giving so you can be a good steward of the resources God has given you. It is pleasing to God, and we are all required through our Baptism to support the Church and her mission to spread the Gospel (cf., CCC, 2043).

August 23, 2022, Terri M. Lynn, M.T.S.