Building Stewardship in Your Parish

Pray • Plan • Publicize • Participate

Have you recently joined your stewardship committee or are you perhaps wanting to start a committee? Maybe you are the  parish administrator who also wears the stewardship hat. The Office of Stewardship and Development would like to help you build upon your already vibrant parish administration and spirituality with the many tools found in our Parish Toolkit. 

This Parish Toolkit offers four main tools to build stewardship in your parish: They are to Pray, Plan, Publicize, and Participate. Whether you want to encourage growth in your Sunday Offerings or legacy planned gifts, each tool should ultimately offer some ideas to inspire and educate your parishioners to give abundantly from the gifts God has given them. For assistance with the resources in the toolkit please contact the Office of Stewardship and Development at 913-647-0325 or