Stewardship is sometimes seen only as a way to increase offertory collections. Stewardship is really a way of looking at life. When we have a profound sense of gratitude resulting from seeing everything – everything – as a gift from God to us, we are motivated to want to return some of this abundance to Him.

In these times of dynamic message overload by social media and traditional media we need to be creative to stand out. To help the parishes, the Office of Stewardship and Development has many creative, colorful resources – print and digital to help your parishioners decide when, how, and what to give. In addition, we all rely on the stewardship ideas and experiences that many of the parishes in the Archdiocese have used. We welcome you to share what your parish has done to inspire the stewardship way of life in your parishioners. Email We would love to post your ideas on these web pages for other stewardship staff and volunteers to use.