Who needs to complete the Adult Training and Screening?

  • All employees, whether working around children or not
  • All volunteers who have contact with children and/or youth who have either regular or unsupervised interaction with minors
  • Volunteers between the ages of 16 – 18 who volunteer in environments and activities that may include other children. For those volunteers under the age of 18, a Parental Permission Form is required and we encourage a parent/guardian attend the same session.
  • Children under the age of 16 should never attend the Adult Awareness session (nor should they be considered as adults or place in unsupervised environments requiring adult supervision of minors).

What are the requirements?
The following three requirements must be completed during employee training and prior to volunteering around children or vulnerable adults:

  1. VIRTUS®: Protecting God’s Children for Adults Awareness Session Attendance training is a live three hour awareness session which better equips adults to protect children and youth in the world around them. Sessions are offered throughout the year and at various locations across the Archdiocese. Register at http://www.virtusonline.org.
    Virtus® is the safe environment program created by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group in the United States and chosen by the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas to provide ongoing training to all personnel on sexual abuse of minors, and how to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse. This training is required for all employees, clergy and volunteers, and there is special age-appropriate training provided to children. The Virtus safe environment program is in use in more than 80 dioceses in the United States.
  2. Background Screening is run by an archdiocesan-approved agency and provides a criminal history. This is an important step to screen out individuals who might present a danger to children and youth. Background screenings are initiated and processed online through the participants Virtus® account.
  3. Signed acknowledgement of understanding the Code of Conduct means that a person understands and agrees to the principles and standards outlined in this archdiocesan policy as it pertains to his or her ministry. The Code can be found on our site [provide link here] and the Acknowledgement is currently signed in conjunction with the background screening process.

How do I get started?

  1. Register for a Virtus account
  2. Sign up for a Adult Training Session through your Virtus account
  3. Submit a background check through your Virtus account
  4. Read the Code of Conduct [provide link here]
  5. Sign acknowledgement of reading and understanding the Code through your Virtus account