Safe Environments are created with three components:

Every single cleric and employee who work for the Archdiocese and ALL volunteers who work around children must successfully complete a background screening. Recently, the Archdiocese adopted protocol that repeats these screenings periodically for these categories.

Adults—All clergy, employees, and any volunteer who works around children must attend a sexual abuse awareness program entitled Protecting God’s Children, operated by VIRTUS

Children—The Archdiocese uses a mandated, annual, age-appropriate safety curriculum to help our minors understand appropriate boundaries and to give them the ability to voice concerns or abuse.

We expect our personnel to uphold the boundaries outlined in our policies and the training. We take a proactive stance on this issue by carefully reviewing any reports of crossed boundaries as they ultimately could be a precursor to abuse or at the very least endanger our vulnerable by teaching that inappropriate boundaries are acceptable.

Additionally, the USCCB audit tracks the training and safety curriculum status of our minors and agents