All children under the age of 18 enrolled in Catholic schools or in religious formation programs or parish youth groups participate in age-appropriate awareness training. Parents who choose to ‘opt out’ of these children’s programs on behalf of their children may obtain the training materials from their parish or schools so they themselves can provide awareness training for their own children.

The personal safety lessons teach children and youth basic skills to be safe from dangerous or abusive situations either in person or online. Young people are taught to check with a trusted adult first, say no when confronted with an uncomfortable situation and are encouraged to share concerns with a trusted adult.

A note for parents

Office for Protection and Care reviews and approves vendors to ensure personal safety lesson materials used in the archdiocese are current, relevant, and supportive of Catholic teaching.

Parents, educators and others can find out more about key messages children and youth receive in each personal safety program by contacting the local coordinator at your parish or school. The lessons approved by the archdiocese are age-appropriate and respect parents’ role as their children’s primary educators. The concise tip sheet, Practical Advice for Parents on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, is downloadable so you can print and share this resource.