We help people to experience and understand the joy and fun of faith lived out.

so what's up with the picture?

What do you see when you look at this picture? Fun. A little bit of goofiness. Confidence. We see stories – stories of friendships and fun, stories of beauty and God’s goodness.  Life is an adventure full of stories. These stories shape our lives and the lives of our guests.

So, when our guests come for an experience, we situate the adventure in the context of their story, because that is the one that matters most to them. The greatest level of transformation occurs when retreatants are impacted at the level of their life story.

This is where that crazy phrase Adventure Catechesis comes into play. We want to help youth, families, educators, and parishes bring about conversion in the hearts of those we serve, and we do so by guiding our guests to see their story as part of the great Christian narrative of salvation.

adventure catechesis looks a little something like this...


It begins in relational ministry. The goal is to invite the participant into a fun, safe, and accepting community. This allows for trust, which is essential. If we don’t trust, then we don’t open up the story of our lives. 


Rich and intentional prayer form a chiasm, drawing attention to the participant’s personal experience while situating everything that occurs in their experience within the context of prayer. 


To frame an experience, the participant needs to see themselves as a character in the story being experienced. Here their story takes on the context of the Christian story. The hope of salvation, the witness of the saints, and the struggle to live holiness offer great avenues to set up the experience.


In the experience, we see the participants face their direct problem. Their challenge is set before them, and both outcomes – success or failure – are real options.


Learning takes place when we decompress our experiences, reflecting on what we did and what we can learn. Here the participants walk through the questions of what they did, why they did it, and what they can do to grow.


Adventure catechesis is not simply teaching Christian faith principles and having fun. Adventure Catechesis is a process that invites participants to see themselves as part of Christ and His Church. It involves real relationships, not just technique. It begins with openness and curiosity about the faith. It utilizes adventure activities to help participants connect their stories with the Christian narrative and then calls them to action. Adventure Catechesis is meant to send participants out to grow as disciples and make disciples of Christ.