join the mission - make disciples for christ!


we share your desire for more

There is a great longing in the body of the Church, a yearning to carry forward the mission Christ entrusted to each of his disciples. Our missionary staff recognize this thirst and seek to guide the thousands of souls who enter our gates to fall ever more in love with Jesus Christ. 

You are invited to join a growing movement in the Church

Men and women from all walks of life, whether right off a college campus or out of the workforce, are choosing to respond to the world’s need for missionaries. 

Our missionaries are looking to be a part of a life-changing adventure, transforming the world for the good, and bringing hope to youth and families. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus and make disciples for Jesus.

our strategy is simple

We serve as guides and trustworthy friends to the souls who pass through our gates and the people we serve. Through intentional retreat ministry, we invest in each person as we strive to model Christ with them.

As we journey with the youth and families who come to the Ranch, we also reach out to the parishes and communities which surround PSR. Together, our missionaries and the Church find ways to share the truth of our faith in dynamic and culturally-relevant ways. 

You have questions, and we understand.

While the desire to serve the New Evangelization might be great, the uncertainty of going off on mission can be taxing. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have about our life, our joy, and our zeal for the Gospel. Call us at 785.746.5693 and speak one-on-one with one of our missionaries or our director. Email us at with your cannon of questions, and our team will race to answer them all. You can also learn more about the program by checking out some of our FAQs below.

PSR - Retreat Team

are you ready for an adventure?

The Church is calling for missionaries. She is looking for Christian disciples to go out and find ways to re-propose the Gospel message to our generation in a way that is relevant to everyday life. For many that adventure has begun right in the nation’s heartland, sharing the love of Jesus Christ as a Retreat Team Missionary.