Evangelization is an essential dimension of our mission as a Church. Our primary archdiocesan evangelization tool is the LEAVEN. The LEAVEN is to be sent to every Catholic household within the Archdiocese including those that do not make a donation. Responsibility for providing the LEAVEN to every household rests with the parish.

Recent Leaven Articles:

  • by Moira Cullings
    by Moira Cullingsmoira.cullings@theleaven.org OVERLAND PARK — While Katie Reynolds Scott was fighting for her life, she was fulfilling a purpose she never lost sight of: helping others. “The fact that she was thinking about how she could help other people when she was near the end of her life shows what kind of person she […]
  • by Moira Cullings
    by Moira Cullingsmoira.cullings@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. — It was a moment Earl Hogan won’t soon forget. “I recently had the opportunity to take Communion to a gentleman who was in an end-of-life situation,” he said. “He was my first patient of the day. “The moment I walked into the ward, a young RN approached me, […]
  • by Marc & Julie Anderson
    by Marc and Julie Andersonmjanderson@theleaven.org TOPEKA — Hayden High School here has plenty to be grateful about during this year’s Catholic Schools Week. In December 2021, the school finished a yearlong celebration in honor of its 110th anniversary. Founded by Father Francis Hayden, the school opened in 1911 with 30 students. Today, the school has […]
  • by The Leaven
    by Tom FarmerSpecial to The Leaven LEAVENWORTH — There’s nothing better than getting away for long hikes in open, quiet spaces to declutter your head and make room for more important things. For the past 15 to 20 years, quality hiking experiences for me have meant lengthy journeys to campgrounds in Colorado or to the […]
  • by Joe Bollig
    by Joe Bolligjoe.bollig@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Of all the challenges the Sisters of the Fraternity the Poor of Jesus Christ have faced over the past 10 years, there is one that stands above all others. It wasn’t the 2018 fire that seriously damaged their convent, although that was the scariest thing that happened. And […]
  • by Fr. Mark Goldasich
    by Father Mark Goldasich How incredible is the human mind. I was reminded of its power in a most unexpected way while proofreading an article in last week’s Leaven. This story was from Catholic News Service about December’s devastating tornado damage in Kentucky. As I read along, my mind suddenly halted as it came across […]
  • by Vince Cascone
    by Vince Cascone I am writing this article from the basement of my childhood home in Chicago. Just over one week ago, on Jan. 2, my sister Regina informed me that my 78-year-old mom was being taken to the hospital. She had been feeling very ill and had little to no energy. My mom has suffered […]
  • by Archbishop Joseph Naumann
    by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann God willing, as you receive this week’s Leaven, I will be in Washington, D.C., with many other Kansans participating in the annual March for Life. This year’s march comes at a very critical moment for the pro-life movement. Each year, the march concludes in front of the Supreme Court building. […]