1. FMLA Leave – Family and Medical Leave Act, a Federal requirement, based on eligibility and FMLA qualifying events. This leave protects the employee’s position and benefits for up to 12 weeks, 60 work days, during a one year period and overlaps with Short Term Disability Leave, (if STD applies).  FMLA does not provide pay; personal, sick, vacation or unpaid leave (for example – to attend to a family member) can be used during FMLA leave.  The employee pays the employee portion of their benefits during this time. Holidays, snow days, holy days and breaks do not count as FMLA leave days.
  2. Short Term Disability Leave – through The Hartford for up to 13 weeks based on medical need with doctor approval. Provides 67% of pay to a max of $500 a week, after a one week waiting period. Employee pays employee portion of their benefits.
  3. Long Term Disability Leave – after the 1 week waiting period and 13 week short term leave, the employee is eligible for long term disability based on medical need with doctor approval. LTD Provides 50% of employee pay to a max of $3,000 a month.  Employee pays both the employee & employer portion of benefits.
  4. Leave of Absence – Unpaid leave that is available when FMLA leave is over or if the employee is not eligible for FMLA.  It can begin on week 13 of the disability and run for an additional 6 months. This leave can overlap with the disability leave and will permit you to continue the employee’s health and dental benefits for six months after the 12 week FMLA leave.  Important: The employee pays both employee & employer portion of benefits during the leave of absence.


– Week 1 FMLA & Short Term Disability Leave: This is the waiting period before benefits begin from Hartford.  Personal leave/vacation/sick time needs to be used to cover pay during this one week period (7 calendar days/typically 5 work days). In MyHR, the employee should be Status – Active, Reason – FMLA (or Leave of Absence if not FMLA eligible), effective the first day of disability.

-The first 12 weeks FMLA Leave overlaps with Short Term Disability Leave if there is a  personal medical situation. The employee is responsible for their portion of their benefits. Payments can be prepaid as deductions from payroll before the disability or the premium can be taken out of  the employee’s time off leave if it is used to supplement their pay during disability.  If benefits are pre tax, be sure all employee payments on benefits remain pre tax and come out of the employee pay whenever possible. Unpaid benefits will accrue and will be deducted from pay when the employee returns to work and pay resumes. Be sure to check the employee earning statement for reduced net pay, accrued benefits will reduce net pay.  Accrued employee benefit premiums that are owed can  be spread across mutiple paychecks if needed. 

– Week 13 Leave of Absence; Based on the doctor’s recommendation, there may be a couple weeks of Hartford Short Term Disability remaining at this point.  The 12 week FMLA Leave is now over and there is a change in benefit premium payments – The employee is now responsible for 100% of premiums (both employer & employee portions).  These payments can continue for up to an additional 6 months after FMLA leave during a leave of absence. The 100% premium remains at our group rates.  Contact Maura Dodson to set up 100% employee paid benefits. After  a maximum of 9 months of our benefits the employee would either be back at work or terminate employment. If employment ends, continuation benefits would be available at a higher rate. Contact Maura Dodson at 913-647-0363 regarding the specific amount you should collect for benefits. After the 12 week FMLA leave the employee’s position is no longer guaranteed.Change Dayforce>>MyHR>>Status>>change Reason – “FMLA” to “Leave of Absence”, effective the first work day after FMLA ends.

– Week 14; This may be the last week of Short Term Disability based on the doctor’s recommendation.  Hartford may be working with their Long Term Disability underwriting group and there will be forms for the employee, the doctor and the employer to complete before an employee is determined eligible for Long Term Disability through the Hartford. If an employee is approved for Long Term Disability, LTD and STD premiums for both the employee and employer are waived. If the employee was under age 60 when the claim began, the life insurance premium may also be waived, but do not discontinue life premiums until Harford sends the life insurance notice that a life insurance premium waiver was granted or declined.

– Week 15 Hartford Long Term Disability may begin:  The employee’s Individual long term disability premiums will be waived.  Basic Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Supplemental Life premiums may be eligible for a waiver of  premiums if the employee is under age 65 and the disability occurred before age 60, but continue to be sure these premuims are paid until notified by Hartford. The employee continues to be responsible for 100% of the premiums of all other benefits. Payments by the employee must be made to the employer and remitted in the usual manner to the Human Resources office at the Archdiocese. Hartford will often assist the employee in applying for Social Security disability if the condition is considered long term and Social Security disability is needed. Social Security benefits will offset Hartford LTD benefit payments and reduce the payments as will continued pay by the employer from entitlements.  Gift funds from donations or fund raising efforts such as “Go Fund Me” are not considered employer income by Hartford and do not offset LTD payments. Depending on the age of the employee, Hartford LTD benefits may continue for several months and can continue after termination.

Hartford Basic Life Insurance Coverage (including Dependent coverage) is available to the employee for 12 months from the date of disability at the Archdiocese group rates as long as premiums continue to be paid or if there is a waiver of Life Insurance Premiums.

Long Term Disability will continue to pay benefits to the employee after the employee terminates employment if the same diagnosis continues.  See the Plan document below for duration.

Note: The IRS allows the employee to make hardship withdrawals from the Archdiocese TIAA 401k account to pay unpaid medical bills.  The employee would want to contact TIAA if they are interested. TIAA customer service 800-842-2252.

– Month 4 of the 6 month Leave of Absence – Please contact Maura Dodson at the Archdiocese to assist you with offering Continuation benefits before the Leave of Absence ends, if the employee is not returning to work. The 6 month leave provides the maximum time an employee can remain active, but not perform their work. The 6 month leave is often in addition to the 3 months/12 weeks of FMLA leave for a total maximum of 9 months that the employee can be considered active and benefit eligible. Depending on the age of the employee, Hartford LTD benefits may continue for several months and can continue after termination.  See the LTD plan document below for LTD duration time periods. As an employer you are legally responsible to offer Continuation benefits.

– Af the end of the 6 month Leave of Absence/26 weeks when the employee is terminating employment:  If the employee has Health & Dental coverage through the Archdiocese  the employee is eligible for CONTINUATION benefits for Health & Dental Insurance at individual rates for 18 months, (or an additional 29 months, if the employee is determined disabled under Title II or XVI of the Social Security Act or within 60 days of beginning Continuation).  The Social Security notice of the determination of disability must be provided to the Human Resources office.  Please contact Maura Dodson at the Archdiocese to assist you with this before the Leave of Absence ends. As an employer you are legally responsible to offer Continuation benefits. Depending on the age of the employee, Hartford LTD benefits may continue for several months and can continue after termination, check the plan document below for LTD duration.

Long Term Disability Plan Document