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Priest Compensation Link

Priest Benefit Guides Link – for Health, Dental and Vision benefit information

Customer Service Benefit Contact Information for Health, Dental, Vision,

How to Order New Benefit Cards

Auto Allowance for Priests:  Priest pay has been standardized for all locations as of the July 13, 2018 payroll. The top of each priest’s earnings statement now consistently shows priest regular pay and a breakout of the allowances priests receive. Most priests receive an auto allowance of $325 per pay period. In accord with IRS guidelines, the funds are provided in the payroll as taxable, but should be adjusted by the payroll administrator at the location to non-taxable if support documentation (a mileage log) is provided to the location administrator; instructions through this link: Car Allowance.

Seminarian Summer Pay

Priest 403b Retirement Account and Pension Link

Blue Cross Blue Shield Priest Plan Document and Schedule of Benefits for Retired Priests 2019

Dayforce is the Payroll and Benefits Software the Archdiocese uses to track employee time worked, days off, contact information, benefits and pay.  If you are assigned to a location where you need to approve time worked, payroll and/or time off requests, you will want to access the Dayforce Manager training below or ask for assistance from your location manager on how to use the Dayforce system. You may also want to access the Dayforce Employee training so you can be sure your contact, address, and emergency contact information is current in the system and to learn how to view and print your earning statements.

Dayforce Employee and Manager Training:  
Employees will need log-in information from their managers to access the on-line training videos.

Dayforce New Employee Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018

Dayforce Manager Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018 (Complete the Employee training first)

Employee Password Reset – Employee guide on how to set up

Additional Training:
Employee MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018Manager MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018 (Complete the Employee Training first)