Federal and Kansas Withholding Forms:

Federal W-4 Withholding Form

Kansas K-4 Withholding Form

Short Term Disability Tax Considerations:
Your Short Term Disability benefits from Hartford are considered taxable income to you because the monthly premiums are paid 100% by your employer. No taxes will be taken out of your benefits unless the Federal W-4 & State K-4 Tax forms are completed for the Hartford. 

Completion of these forms is optional, but necessary to withhold taxes from the payments you receive.

Mail or fax the completed withholding forms to the Hartford, as below.

Hartford Mailing Address:
Benefit Management Services
Minneapolis Disability Claim Office
The Hartford PO Box 14305
Lexington, KY 40512-4305

Hartford Fax Number: 866-411-5613

Long Term Disability Tax Considerations:
If your Short Term Disability is active past 12 weeks, it will move into Long Term Disability. Hartford will send you new tax forms when they contact you regarding your claim changing to Long Term Disability..