Below are the US Dept. of Labor requirements on Exempt & Non-Exempt Employees. 
These guidelines are designed to provide fair wages for employees. 

Exempt/Salary Employees – not eligible for overtime: 
Employees making less than $455 a week are required to be Hourly/Non-Exempt employees & submit time sheets unless they are a certified teacher or ministerial employee.

  • Gross Weekly Salary of $455 or more is required; except for certified teachers & ministerial employees
  • Managerial Employees – Food Service Management, Building Facilities Management, Full time Music Director, Management Staff
  • Professional & Certified Employees – Teachers, Principals, Accountants
  • Part time Teachers – State Certified . They are also eligible for a contract.
  • Teacher’s Aides & para-educators – Only if certified and paid a minimum of $455 a week.
  • Early Education Teachers – who have a degree & are the primary teachers. (Assistants are non-exempt/hourly)
  • Coaches – who are paid $455 or more a week and have teaching contracts with coaching duties included. 

Non-Exempt/Hourly Employees; Eligible for overtime

The goal is to be sure Non-Exempt employees, who are eligible for extra pay and overtime pay, have the opportunity to record those hours on time sheets and to be compensated for those hours. 
    – Overtime is over 40 hours worked in a calendar week – hours over 40 should be compensated at time and a half.
    – Time Sheets are required (with 2 signatures – employee & supervisor).  These signed time sheets will be requested in both Federal Dept. of Labor & Archdiocesan Audits.  Electronic timesheets on Dayforce are valid.

  • Employees with a Gross Weekly Salary less than $455 a week must be non-exempt & submit timesheets.
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • General Support Staff; Food Service Support Staff, Building Facilities Support Staff, Music Support Staff
  • Para-educators & Teacher Aides – (non-certified) -Full-time or Part-time.  Not eligible for contracts.
  • Coaches – (without a teaching contract that includes coaching)
  • Substitute Teachers – Eligible for substitute teaching contracts or agreements.  Actual Hours worked during each pay period need to be entered into payroll for Affordable Health Care Act reporting.  (Describe as Substitute Teacher, Temporary, Hourly in Dayforce.)

Federal Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Link