All employees are eligible to contribute to a self-directed, tax advantage investment account.  Employees working 30 or more hours weekly are also eligible for employer matching contributions and annual discretionary base contributions. Matching is available at 50% of the employee contribution up to a max of 4%, (match would be 2%).  A semi-monthly discretionary of 2% will also be contributed from the Employer to the employee’s account. 
Employees working less than 30 hours a week may make voluntary contributions without the match or base.

Fees; Annual TIAA fees are a minimum $48.00; $12.00 a quarter and an additional .48 to .52 of a percent for the Investing for Catholic Target Date funds, depending on your portfolio.
401k accounts are qualified retirement accounts subject to early withdrawal tax penalties before age 59&1/2.
The employer contributions cannot be disbursed or rolled over until after employment with the Archdiocese ends.

IMPORTANT: If you are a new or existing employee and would like to enroll in or change your 401k voluntary contributions as a deduction from your semi-monthly pay, you are required to log into Paylocity and select benefits to enroll in the 401k plan. Be sure to designate a beneficiary with TIAA after you receive a welcome packet from TIAA following your first contribution. 
The maximum percentage that will be match is 4%, however TIAA recommends 10% be set as your voluntary contribution to adequately build your retirement account.


Federal law imposes a limit on the amount individuals may contribute to their 401(k) accounts on a yearly basis.  This limit is subject to increase or decrease each year.

Link to IRS guidelines

VESTING – Full time employees are 100% VESTED immediately for voluntary and employer contributions.

401k Summary Plan Description 2016 – Lay 401k Plan information

Contact Information:

TIAA Customer Service: 800-842-2252
Lay Plan #406426 or Priest Plan #406869 

Investing for Catholics:
Relationship Consultant – Mary Brunson, Vice-president 

Previous 403b Companies:

Note:  If you have a 403b VOYA or LINCOLN Account, you can request to have it rolled over to TIAA. Contact Voya or Lincoln and TIAA for the required paperwork for the rollover.  Distributions without penalties can be requested after retirement. Distributions are considered income and are taxable for the year they are received.

VOYA – formerly ING

Mark Hugunin
(913) 661-3755 or (800) 814-1643

Archdiocese Contract # 891526+006
Plan ID 2462 – use Plan ID for PIN
ER ID 2593-001
Customer Service:
800-454-6265; balance, rollover requests, etc.
Catholic School Clients: