Archdiocese Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy

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Schedule of Holidays, Holy Days 2020-2021

Vehicle Safety Policy


401(k) contribution changes can be made at any time in Paylocity > Enterprise Benefits > All Other Life Events.

Frozen Lay Pension – Applies to employees who were full time prior to 2014.

Contact Information:

  • 401(k):  Contact TIAA 800-842-2252
  • Frozen Lay Pension: Contact CBIZ 866-715-1354 ask for the Archdiocese Service Team


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  • Hartford Life Insurance:  Paylocity > Enterprise Benefits > My Profile > Beneficiaries
  • 401(k):  Contact TIAA (800) 842-2252
  • Frozen Lay Pension:  Contact CBIZ (866) 715-1354 ask for the Archdiocese Service Team


Accounts Payable Voucher Form

ACH Authorization Form – Accounts Payable

Archdiocese Credit Card Voucher Form

Cash Transmittal Form

Direct Deposit can be updated anytime in Paylocity > Self-Service Portal > Employees > Employee Payroll File > Payroll Setup > Direct Deposit

FSA Reimbursement Form

Mileage Voucher 2020-2021

Mileage Voucher Form 2020

Mileage Voucher Form 2019

Petty Cash Request from Accounting

Priest’s Mileage Voucher Form 2020

Procurement of Hardware and Software Worksheet

Remote Access Request 

Tuition Grant Voucher – Grade School

Tuition Grant Voucher – High School