As parents, all of us want the best for our kids, right?  We want them to have a great childhood and to someday be in a happy, long-term marriage that thrives, right?  Though most of us may have received little information from our parents about sex and marriage, there has been a recent explosion of positive Catholic resources about love and sexuality that are inspiring countless families!

These positive Catholic resources about love and sexuality such as Theology of the Body for Teens are being used in all of the Catholic high schools in NE Kansas and many of the youth groups!  Instead of a negative list of rules of what not to do, these resources give an amazing vision of how beautiful love, sexuality, and marriage really are, and why living out God’s plan for sex and marriage is the path to a better life and a happier marriage!

This is an exciting time, and though most of us were not taught how incredible and beautiful God’s plan for sex and marriage really is, there are now positive and encouraging Catholic resources for our children!  Our kids need our encouragement, our prayers, and the chance to learn from these new Catholic resources!

For most of us, using these resources with our families may feel awkward at first, but as we learn from these new resources, it becomes exciting to have the opportunity to pass this on!  We encourage parents to learn more about Theology of the Body resources, and to learn practical tips for internet safety.