Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

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Archbishop Naumann, along with parish pastors and more than 3000 other local, lay Church leaders, desire that the people of northeast Kansas have hearts on fire for Jesus Christ. Recognizing the numerous present- day challenges that the Church faces in proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples, the Archbishop calls all the Faithful of this local Church to “build a culture of evangelization across the Archdiocese”

We are called to be the front lines of Evangelization. But we are not in the work alone. Share your stories and we shall help lift one another up, learn from one another and grow this work as God’s church.

  • What is working? In your parish groups? At home? With your neighbors?
  • With what challenges could you use help or guidance?
  • What ideas could others help with or learn from?

We will help to feed this content back into the Archdiocese community to grow and learn together.

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