Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas


Step 1: Start Your Journey 

Additional Resources For Step 1

Leader’s Guide (page 7)
As a part of the Enflame Movement, we created this Leaders Guide.  While it is an extensive document it can be a strong tool for your journey. As a part of Step 1, we invite you to review pages 6 – 45 at your leisure

The Thresholds of Conversion & Discipleship
Looking at the Thresholds of Conversion and Discipleship – where are you? Where would you place the individuals that surround you in your daily life? Do you know personal details of those whose lives you share that would signal their place in this chart? We are all in different places in our faith journeys. We know that there are “good Catholics” in each of these categories. The external motions of faith can mask the absence of an internal personal relationship with Christ.


Additional Resources For Step 2

Prayer Care Share Chart
The prayer-care-share approach relies on God to guide us, as individuals and as parishes/ organizations, through the on-going discernment of our direction and approach to evangelization. Prayer is the most powerful tool in the world. In the prayer-care-share model, we ask God (through prayer) for direction toward “whom” He desires for our investment of time, nurturing and discipleship. In addition to praying for the “whom”, we prayerfully trust that God will orchestrate the “how” and “what to say and do”. It is frequently said that timing is everything; it is no different in evangelization. In praying for the “what to say and do”, along with the “when”, we are literally guided through the tangled and confusing decisions of our close relationships by God Himself.

Leader’s Guide (page 11)
Continue your dive into the Leaders Guide. As a part of Step 2 we invite you to review pages 45 – 54 at your leisure.

Step 3: REACH YOUR 3

Additional Resources For Step 3

Crowds to three
The mission of the Church is to share the Gospel. This message of hope, joy and ultimate love is an invitation to know Jesus through His Sacramental Church. Jesus models how the Gospel is shared through relationships of discipleship. His method can seem counter-intuitive; He spent most of His time with a small group of people. His investment in a few changed the world. Our investment in a few has the power to do the same.

Leader’s Guide (page 45)
Ready to take the next steps with your small group or those close to you? We have gathered some resources to help. Review pages 55 – 62 at your leisure.