ACTS 2021 Honorary Chairpersons

Fr. Ric Halvorson, pastor of Holy Spirit Parish, nominated John and Theresa Gillcrist as ACTS 2021 Honorary Chairs.

Fr. Halvorson writes: “John and Theresa are wonderful examples of living their lives as Catholic stewards. First, in raising their children to be self-reflective, recognizing the many ways they have been blessed by God and in turn teaching them to return those graces by sharing their blessings with others.

Second, the Gillcrists are always finding ways to give back through their own volunteer work and by humbly supporting the Archbishop’s Call to Share as Crosier Society members. We are blessed to have the Gillcrists as parishioners in our Archdiocese as they assist those around them in their desire to grow closer to Jesus Christ.”

Sam and Melissa Rockford, Good Shepherd – Shawnee