The Archbishop’s Call to Share (ACTS) in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas was initiated by Archbishop Strecker as a response to Vatican II: to engage more fully the Catholic faithful in the evangelical mission of the Church. The ACTS has grown to become a lifeline for more than 40 specific ministries, services and agencies provided by the Archdiocese.

The ministries supported by the ACTS fall into the Archbdiocesan’s five pastoral priorities: Conversion, Evangelization, Education, Outreach, and Stewardship.  For a large number of these ministries, the Archbishop’s Call to Share is their sole source of funding.  Some of these ministries attend to needs beyond the scope of individual parishes, and some exist for the sole purpose of assisting parishes in their mission to teach, evangelize and provide good liturgical experiences.

The ACTS annual campaign returns under the leadership of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann.  The Archbishop’s Call to Share is the annual coming together as one united community of the Catholic Church of Northeast Kansas. The theme for ACTS 2020 is “Return His First Fuits”.

The overall goal for 2020 has been set at $5,622,750.  Targets are assigned to regions based on each region’s share of total plate and envelope collections in the Archdiocese.  Individual parish targets are at the discretion of each region’s pastors, but a recommendation was made by the Clergy Advisory Committee (CAC) to the regions that they consider basing them on the same formula they use to divide the Pastoral Center and Priesthood Present & Future assessments.  Parish targets are not assessments.

Archbishop Naumann asks that every parish make a good faith effort.  A good faith effort is defined as following closely all of the suggestions in this manual and cooperating with the Office of Stewardship & Development (OSD) and the Clergy Advisory Committee.  Parishes that may struggle with reaching their targets are asked to accept additional suggestions from OSD and CAC.