Disability in Dayforce:

  1. For Short Term Disabiltiy: In MyHR>>Status>>Assignments>>under “Status Change” change “Reason” to “FMLA”  – “As of” the first date of the short term disability.  Be sure employee status  remains “Active”.
    After 12 weeks of FMLA or if employee is not FMLA eligible: In MyHR>>Status>>Assignments>>under “Status Change” change “Reason” to “Leave of Absence”  – “As of” the first work day after FMLA ends. Be sure employee status  remains “Active”.
    Employee benefits will remain active as long as the employee has the Status – Active.  Benefit accruals will automatically accumulate with each payroll to the employee’s Dayforce record for any benefit premiums that are due when they return to work.  Let the employee know that their first paychecks may be less than they expect due to catching up benefit premiums that are due. Benefit premiums can be spread across additional paychecks if needed.
  2. For Salary Exempt & Salary Non Exempt employees – In MyHR Remove “Normal Semi-Monthly Hours (Top) & (Bottom)” numbers & Save. This will stop the autopay.  Note: Anytime the Salary employee is paid from entitlements (in Timesheets) you will need to do a Quick Entry to code Regular for amount 0.00 so the earnings will calculate correctly. 
    Note: For Salary employees, if the employee worked part of the pay period as regular work days before or after the disability leave began; enter a Quick Entry for the correct pay for the days worked and check mark the replace box.
  3. For Hourly Non-exempt – No changes are required as semi-monthly top & bottom do not apply.
  4. SAVE

Supplemental Employee Leave Pay:
To enter employee leave pay from employee leave balances, (Sick, Personal, Vacation, PTO,) for the one week waiting period (typically 5 work days) and to supplement pay from remaining employee leave balances after Hartford has begun benefit payments, follow the instrucitons below.  
– Supplementing employee pay during disability will help pay employee benefit premiums while the employee is out.
– Entering pay adjustments from the FMLA entitlement choices as Pay adjustments in Timesheets will automatically decrease employee entitlement balances and keep them accurate. 

  1. Check that the employee’s entitlement balances are correct.  
    MyHR>>Balances>>(4th Tab over Actual Balances)
    If a change is needed select  the Sick, Vacation, Personal or PTO record to highlight it.
      – Click Transactions>>Click New + 
      – Decrement – decreases the total   or   Increment – increases the total
      – SAVE 
  2. For both Salaried and Hourly employees; click on Timesheets>>find the employee and the date, left click, select Pay Adjustments>>select x. FMLA sick, x. FMLA personal, x. FMLA vacation or x. FMLA PTO and enter the number of hours, (see how to calculate hours below for partial days after the waiting period). The FMLA codes you select in Timesheets will display as Sick, Personal, Vacation or PTO on the employee earnings statement.– To determine the number of hours each day that can be supplemented during disability for exempt or non-exempt employees;
    Employees with annual pay under $39,000 are paid 67% in Hartford benefits they can supplement 33% of their daily pay.
    For employees paid over $39,000, determine the Hartford daily pay from the Hartford Employers web site; be sure to use gross pay, not net. Divide the amount Hartford paid by the number of work days paid. Determine the remaining amount each day that can be supplemented from the employee’s entitlements to reach 100% of employee daily pay. Then use the employee’s hourly rate to determine how many hours and minutes to enter into Timesheets, as a pay adjustment.
    For example; if the employee is paid 67% of their pay from Hartford, 33% can be supplemented in Timesheets each day.  For an 8 hour day that would be 2.64 hours each day (8 hours * 33%)
    – To determine daily rate for salary employees or contract teachers;
    Divide their annual or contract pay by the number of weekdays in a a year –  260 days (261 days in leap year). Multiply the daily hours by the % the employee can supplement and enter those hours as a pay adjustment in timesheets.
    – To determine daily rate for hourly employees
    Check Dayforce People>>Hourly Rate. Multiply the daily hours by the % the employee can supplement and enter those hours as a pay adjustment in timesheets.Note: A salary exempt employee’s collection period for pay is different that the non-exempt collection period. They are paid the 1st – 15th on the 1st semi monthly paycheck and the 16th – end of the month on the 2nd semi monthly paycheck.  The entitlements for all employees; sick, personal, vacation etc. follow the collection periods of the 5th – 19th and 20th – 4th.  Sometimes the 7 day waiting period has already paid out to a salary person.  This is challenging, call with questions. If you already processed payroll, paid the employee and need to adjust the employee pay, please contact Michelle Scheibner or Janet McGraw.

When the employee returns from disability leave:
Be sure they have a doctor’s release.
In Dayforce
1. MyHR>>Select the employee name
Remove “FMLA” as the Reason and replace it with “Other” effective date – 1st day back at work
2. If the employee is salary, restore the Normal Semi Monthly Hours Top & Bottom
3. SAVE & REFRESH – If the 1st day back to work is a future date you will not see the changes until that date is the current date, unless you click History.
4. Be sure to check the employee’s next paycheck for correct benefit accruals and correct salary.
5. For Salary employees, if the employee worked part of the pay period as regular work days after the disability leave; enter a Quick Entry for code Regular, for the correct pay for the days worked and check mark the replace box. 
Important Note: When the salary employee returns, be sure that all remaining supplemental pay adjustments are paid to them. To do this check the Time Data tab on their earnings statements during the disability leave, Be sure they were paid for all FMLA supplemental pay adjustments that were input to Timesheets.

For an employee on maternity disability with our health care benefits, the birth of the baby is a Life Event Change:

The Maternity handout instructs the employee to log into Dayforce>>FORMS>>Life Event Change and then scan the hospital birth notice into Dayforce. 
When you receive the notification in the Dayforce Message Center that the Life Event form has been completed by the employee, do not authorize it until the birth notice has also been scanned into the system. 
If the employee cannot scan  the notice from home, they can fax the birth notice to you and you can upload it to Dayforce – MyHR>>Files>> + (new) – enter comment and SAVE and you will see an upload option.  When the notice has been uploaded you can authorize the Life Event Change form and the Archdiocese benefit specialist will be notified. 
IMPORTANT: The employee must upload the birth notice and enroll for benefits for the baby within 31 days.