As of today, March 12 2021, all diocesan safety protocols relating to COVID are rescinded.  Pastors should be aware of guidelines in their particular county or municipality and develop parish guidelines as appropriate, given the demographics of their respective congregations as well as their own personal health situation.  Likewise, there are no longer any diocesan guidelines for music ministry in the Archdiocese.

4 Stages of Virus Endangerment

We are now in stage 4. You must follow local directives issued by legitimate public authorities in your county or city if they are more stringent than the attached.

Focus on containment and mitigating the long-term impact of the virus. Our priorities right now:

  • Reducing chances of transmission among our communities.
  • Protecting people who are at a higher risk for adverse health complications. 
  • Minimizing disruptions on essential services provided to the community.

Fourth Stage Recommendations For:

Above all, Archbishop Naumann reminds all clergy and the faithful that this is a time for greater prayer, not less.  Families and individuals are encouraged to pray the rosary, asking our Blessed Mother to intercede for the health and protection of our families, our loved ones, our community and our nation.