“What will my legacy be?”

This is a question that I consider when I recognize the gifts I have received from Our Lord.

  • What did I do with the many gifts?
  • How did I use them for His great glory?
  • How can I pass along these gifts to benefit others?

I try to help clients plan for the future needs of their children as well as the future needs of their parish. Hopefully, these frank discussions benefit the next generation of stewards. For example, it was my parents and grandparents’ stewardship that afforded me a college education, and therefore, I must do the same for my children and grandchildren. This is the “Culture of Generosity” that is now our family tradition.

It was a “Culture of Generosity” that led our priests, Bishops and lay donors from the past that provided us a parish church in which we celebrate the Eucharist. Today we all can do the same.

“Leaving a Legacy” can be as easy as adding your parish church as beneficiary on your IRA or other qualified retirement account. My wife Beth and I have listed our parish, Church of the Ascension, as a primary beneficiary on each of our IRA accounts.

There are 3 Primary Benefits to this Strategy:

  1. Ascension will pay no income taxes on the IRA distribution upon my death. (If I list my children, a large portion of my IRA will go to the federal government.)
  2. My legacy and life’s work will continue the mission of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church long after I am gone.
  3. It is easy! I do not need to contact a lawyer or amend my trust. A simple change of beneficiary form will suffice.

Please contact your financial advisor today to add your parish as beneficiary on your IRA. If you have already listed your parish or another Catholic organization as a beneficiary, let me thank you for your generous example of charity. Congratulations! You now qualify as a member of the Catholic Legacy Society.

Please join me, Beth and many others who have also made this commitment. Your gift is always kept in strict confidence, but I encourage you to allow your name to be published by CFNEK in our annual report where you find the list of Legacy Society members.

Your leadership can be an inspiration for others to give.


(All for the Greater Glory of God)

Marty Krebs