“We are so blessed to be able to send our daughter to a Catholic school despite her limitations. She has grown and thrived for the last 5 years under the guidance of teachers, administration and support staff who have gone above and beyond in learning about her unique needs and God given talents. I am so impressed that I have never heard ‘we can’t do that,’ but rather, ‘let’s figure out how can we make this work.’ It is indeed a challenge to have the first child with a vision impairment at her school, but the high expectations, community atmosphere and strong faith that are rampant at our school are the perfect fit for our family.”  – a parent

This bulls eye (click here to view the bulls eye) represents how students who are struggling are supported in our Catholic schools.  It is our belief that the student is the most important person in our schools.  Schools work from the center of the bulls eye out to ensure that the needs of the student are met.  As the needs of a student increase, the intensity of the interventions and support increase outward on the bulls eye.  Not all schools utilize the same resources within School Interventions, but this represents a sample of what schools may utilize.

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