Catholic Education curriculum

The Purpose of Catholic Education: The purpose of Catholic education in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is to form students spiritually and academically in order that they may fully develop as human persons.  The curriculum is designed to facilitate students’ discovery of their God given gifts and talents by embracing scholarship and academic life that is integrated and inclusive in its desire to spread the Good News.  

More than Faith Infusion: Archdiocesan Catholic schools provide students with a faith-filled learning environment. Like public school peers, students explore the core subject areas. But in Catholic school, students make the constant connection between these subjects and their faith, marveling in the beauty and wonder that is God’s creation. The curriculum is not simply infused with faith. Faith is at the center of all learning environments.

Developing the Whole Person: A Catholic education prompts students to consider how God is calling them to use the talents He has given them. Students come to understand the Catholic intellectual tradition, develop learning and innovation skills, and life and career skills. Through a curriculum rooted in Catholic foundation, religious education, and faith formation, students grow in their relationship with God and discover how to put their faith into action.

Curriculum by subject areas

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