Cabin Mate Information

The spiritual experience of camp is our #1 priority.

To request a cabinmate, please indicate ONE camper’s name ONLY in the box provided for “Cabinmate Request” on your online registration. For example, when Camper A requests Camper B and Camper B requests Camper A, the camp will put these two campers together in a cabin.  No other scenarios are guaranteed, but we will take it under advisement and do the best that we can.  

The camp works diligently to help kids meet new friends, create community in small groups, as well as with the entire camp. 

It has been the camp’s experience over the past 20 years that most kids do best with a friend by their side, but a group of friends changes the dynamic of the small group. 

Cabinmate requests can be edited up to two weeks before camp time by logging into your camp account and editing your camper information from the Forms tab.  A cabinmate request is not required at the time of registration and can be added at a later date.

Campers will be given their cabin assignments at camp at the end of the check in process.


PARISH INFORMATION AND SPECIAL NEEDS SHOULD BE updated through your camp account, if needed.

Please contact the camp at 785-746-5693 after the camp season begins at the end of May to discuss special dietary and medical needs of your camper with our camp staff. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer at

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