One Way Email Available 6/5/23

Your camper will receive the emails you send to them daily (do not send the last day of the camp session).  The emails will be printed out by camp staff and delivered to your camper with the regular mail handed out to campers each day. Log into your Campwise account to purchase Camp Notes – One Way Email. After logging in, Click on “Update Info” for your camper.  At the bottom of the page, click on “One-Way Communication” (Camper Email).

Cost: $2.00 per email.

***Be mindful that your email must be sent by 8:30 a.m. to be delivered on that day. No emails will be delivered on the last day of each camp session.***

BEST OPTION: Bring a handwritten card, note or letter to check in on opening day of camp, labeled with your camper’s name and the date you would like them to receive it during their stay at camp.  There is a basket at the end of the check-in process that you can place them in without your camper even knowing that you are leaving them.

Please do not send your camper emails to a camp email address. Please use the Campwise one way email system in your Campwise account to send emails or bring letters with you to camp checkin to be delivered to your camper throughout their stay at camp.

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