Testimonies and Articles – February 27, 2014

Archbishop Naumann addressed all the US Bishops at their General Assembly in Baltimore on November 12, 2013 to comment about the development of a USCCB Formal Statement on Pornography. Here is a link to the video – Bishop Malone’s excellent presentation on pornography starts at the 40 minute mark, and Archbishop Nuamann’s brave comments are at the 51 minute mark.  Archbishop Naumann is a national leader in the fight against pornography, and he is one of three Catholic bishops who serve on the board of the Religious Alliance against Pornography (RAAP).  We are so blessed to have Archbishop Naumann’s courage and leadership, and he deeply cares about protecting our families and marriages!

Archbishop Naumann has been asking for an updated video about internet safety and pornography for our parishes for several years.  Many people remember the original My House video that was courageously shown in 90% of our parishes during Mass in 2006 – 2007, and Archbishop Naumann has asked for a new video.  We have a planning committee that is developing a script and we have started discussions with video producers, and please keep this project in your prayers.  Archbishop Naumann sent the original My House video and manual to all US bishops, and we have heard back from bishops or diocesan staff in over 61 dioceses.  We are planning to film the video in a way that will have a big impact on our parishes, and in a way that can be easily adapted by other dioceses.

In February of 2014, several deacons courageously preached about pornography and internet safety during Mass including Deacon Michael Shreck at Church of the Nativity in Leawood and Deacon Tim McEvoy at Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph Church in Leavenworth.  I heard from parishioners from both parishes who were deeply moved by their courageous homilies.  I had the chance to meet many of our deacons several weeks ago after presenting to them about pornography and internet safety, and I can tell you that we are richly blessed to have such holy and devoted men serving in our Archdiocese!  I am very grateful to Leon Supernant for the opportunity to present to our deacons, and feel free to view the PowerPoint slides from the presentation.