In the document Moral Considerations Regarding the New Covid-19 Vaccines, the U.S. bishops addressed the moral concerns raised by the fact that all the vaccines have a connection, some more remotely than others, to cell lines that originated with tissue taken from abortions. Though they concluded receiving a COVID-19 vaccine “is morally permissible and can be an act of self-love and charity toward others” given the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, they also warned that Catholics “must be on guard so that the new COVID-19 vaccines do not desensitize us or weaken our determination to oppose the evil of abortion itself and the subsequent use of fetal cells in research.”

Therefore, the bishops believe it is the responsibility of Catholics and all people of good will to advocate to pharmaceutical companies and the government for the ethical development, production, testing and distribution of all vaccines and medicines.

To assist with this advocacy, the Archdiocese is providing a sample letter for people to use as a template to send to pharmaceutical companies. Visit for the template and to learn more.

Please read the original USCCB document ( for a detailed explanation of the moral permissibility of taking the vaccines and to learn why the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are preferred over the other currently available vaccines.